“As one of the “use it or lose it” generation, I had nearly lost it, but then I found Kimberly.  She is helping me to improve my balance, strength, and flexibility while keeping the workouts safe and fun!”
– Kay

“Kimberly has been the answer to my prayers.  Being in my 60’s and realizing that I have to start taking care of myself was a daunting thought.  I needed someone to help me. When I met Kimberly, I knew she was the one. She has taken me from fearful to fearless.  Every part of me has changed, my look, my energy, my quality of life. I love this girl!”
– Lynn

“Kimberly is the best trainer I’ve ever worked with.  Not only does she offer the positive encouragement you need to keep going and stay motivated but she always brings something new to the workouts while always making sure form is perfect.  You never get bored and she never lets you get comfortable because she always encourages growth and progression. She is super fun and incredibly passionate about what she does and it shows through in every workout.”
– Liz

“At first, I wasn’t sure if any female trainer would be able to give me a good workout, but I was wrong.  Not only did Kimberly provide me with an excellent workout, she utilized techniques that were unique and fun. I gained muscle faster than any of my regular gym workouts, and I lost fat FAST.  I would recommend Kimberly to any guy who feels that they’ve hit their peak. Her methods work!”
– Christopher

“Kimberly is dedicated to helping clients fulfill the ultimate goal of living a healthy lifestyle.  She is imaginative in her approach to programming, so you never get bored with the same old routine. Also, Kimberly is aware of what limitations individual clients have and will provide thoughtful modifications to problematic exercises.  She ensures that the workout is accessible for all clients, no matter their current fitness levels….but there’s no settling for mediocrity, and you can bet she’ll challenge you to push your own limits!”
– Will

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